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2K Jig Junkie Box - Subscription - Great Lakes

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  • $45
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Your number 1 jig builder in the world has done it again! Making it easier, faster and more exciting to get your jig fix. The first jig subscription service to bring the best jigs on the market to your door step every month with zero hassle. The 2k Jig Junkie Box is the go to subscription for all anglers looking for that edge on the water. Every month you will receive a package worth $65 of custom one off colorways, as well as some of our top selling stock jigs that have taken the fishing world by storm! When that classic white box with that graffiti logo shows up on your door step every month your love for awesomeness will be fulfilled!!! Available in four different purchasing options to fit every anglers needs.  

Package Contents:

The Great Lakes Box is full of tackle in proven designs and colorways specifically manufactured to target Largemouth and Smallmouth bass in the bodies of water in this region. You can look forward to receiving products like this in these boxes: 

Drop Shot Weights, Tube Jigs, Finesse Weights, SS Candy/Arkie, Wrecking Balls, Lil Punks, Pro Shaky Heads, Dock Monkeys, Red Zones and many more different designed products to help you master the Great Lakes!

Each Jig Junkie Great Lakes Box will be filled with a minimum of $65 worth of tackle (average of 10 different products) These products will be made up of special custom colorway's only available through the Jig Junkie Subscription, as well as some of our proven stock designs.

Custom Sizes:

You can now customize the jig sizes in the Great Lakes box. This way you will not receive a size you don't use! Pick from 1/8oz through 3/8oz (light weight) and 3/8oz through 1/2oz (heavy weight) size packages. If you like to use a variety of sizes then we got that covered too! You will have the option to pick one of these size packages or a mix of all the sizes in one box! 

Available Packages

1 Month: $45.00 + Shipping ($20 Savings)

3 Months: $120.00 + Free Shipping ($40.00 per Month, Savings $75.00)

6 Months: $210.00 + Free Shipping ($35.00 per Month, Savings $180.00)

12 Months: $360.00 + Free Shipping ($30.00 per Month. Savings $420.00)

How it Works:

Your Jig Junkie Box will ship around the 25th of every month. Subscriptions purchased before the 25th of every month will be included in that months shipments. Orders placed after the 25th of current month will ship with the following months shipments on the 25th. The remainder of your monthly subscriptions will ship every month around the 25th until subscription is complete. 


All subscription purchases are final, no returns, no cancellations, no substitutions. If package is not received due to failure of 2K or Mailing Services you have 30 days from shipment to file a claim. All claims will be dealt with in the fastest manor possible, and we will ensure your happiness. All claims can be sent to In the case of an address change you have until the 24th of every month to contact us with the address change. If address change is not made before the 24th 2K Jigs and the Jig Junkie Box Subscription is not responsibly for shipping location. You can contact us with address changes at